Monochrome Laser Printer

Printer Code : Xerox Phaser 3117
There are several printers in the Samsung ML-1610/2010 family, all similar, but with varying specifications, and some with unique supplies requirements. For example, in March 2005 Samsung introduced its ML-1610 monochrome printer to the European market. The Samsung ML-2010 and Dell 1100 were released in North America in June 2005.Targeted at the SOHO user the Samsung ML-1610 was a compact laser printer with a monthly duty cycle of 5,000 pages and OEM-rated print speeds of up to 17 letter-size pages per minute (ppm). The ML-2010 prints up to 22 ppm and the Dell 1100 prints up to 15 ppm. All of these desktop printers are light weight and have a small footprint.

All three printers shipped with starter cartridges that yield 1,000 pages. Replacement cartridge yields varied. The Samsung ML-1610 and the Dell 1100 have a standard yield of 2,000 pages, while later models, the Samsung ML-2010 and SCX-4521, use cartridges that yield 3,000 pages. All cartridge variations are similar in design, but the Dell 1100 and Samsung SCX-4521 have a fuse located on the waste bin. The purpose of the fuse is to reset a counter, and it must be replaced with each cartridges' remanufacturing cycle.

The Xerox version, the WorkCentre PE220 uses a 3,000 page yield cartridge similar in design to the ML-1610, but it requires a chip instead of a fuse for correct printer operation. There are also two other Xerox variations that are similar to the Xerox PE220 - the Phaser 3117 and 3122, with cartridges yielding 3,000 pages and that do not require chips.

In August 2006 the Samsung ML-2510, ML-2570 and ML-2571 were released using the same OEM cartridge part numbers as the Samsung ML-2010. These new printers have 10,000 page duty cycles and operate at 25 ppm. Replacement cartridge components for the 1610 are fully qualified for these printers' cartridges.

Static Control also offers products for cartridge conversions within this printer family. For a listing of conversion options please refer to the Conversion Chart.
Xerox Phaser 3117
Phaser 3117
OEM Yield
106R01159 f or Phaser 3117 / 3122 / 3124 / 3125
Non-OEM Remanufactured Replacement Cartridge for Xerox 106R01159 (3K)

Universal Replacement Toner for use in Various Samsung Cartridges 10kg
Universal Replacement Toner for use in Various Samsung Cartridges 1kg

Replacement Drum with Gears for use in Samsung ML-1610 (Green)

Cartridge Bags
Foil Bag (8.5” x 18”)
ZipTop Foil Bag (8.5” x 18”)

Conversion Items
End Plate for Converting Samsung ML-1610, Dell 1100 & Related Cores to Universal Cartridges for Multiple Related Printer Models

Developer Roller
Replacement Developer Roller for use in Samsung ML-1610/2010

Inflatable Bag
240mm x 450mm Black Inflatable Airbag Cartridge Packaging

Shipping Protector for Samsung ML-1610/1640/2010/2240/2510/2570 & Related Dell, Xerox Cartridges
Universal Hopper Cap for Samsung & Related Cartridges
Samsung SCX4216 Cartridge Fuse

Universal Cartridge Box Specifically Sized to Match the BAG240450 Black Inflatable Airbag Cartridge Packaging
EarthBox Tapeless Cartridge
Universal, Printable & Customizable Cartridge Box Label

Wiper Blade
Replacement Wiper Blade for use in Samsung ML-1610

Monochrome Laser Printer
Xerox Phaser 3117//3122
Phaser 3117
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Laser Printer
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Mono PPM
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