Monochrome Laser Printer

Printer Code : Unisys UDS 423
In June 2004 Lexmark introduced the E230/232/234 and E330/332 monochrome printers designed for both home and business environments, their small footprint making them perfect for desktop placement. The E230 was released in Europe at the same time, but was not available in the US. In October 2005 the E240 and E340/342 series printers were introduced to replace those earlier models.

The new printers, like their predecessors, utilize a two-piece consumables system, with separate toner and drum units. The 1200-dpi E240 series replaces the E230, with increased speed and memory. The E240 achieves a print speed of up to 27 pages per minute, a first page out in less than 9 seconds, and a duty cycle of 10,000 pages per month. The 1200-dpi E340/342 replaces the E330/332 and prints up to 30 pages per minute with a first page out in less than 8 seconds and a monthly duty cycle of 15,000 pages per month. Equivalent printers for the Lexmark E340/342 are the Dell 1710 and IBM Infoprint 1512. The Dell 1710 achieves a print speed more in line with the discontinued E330/332 at 27 pages per minute.

Cartridges are available in standard non-Return cartridges yielding 2,500 pages and standard Return cartridges yielding 6,000 pages. High-yield cartridges are available only for the E340/342 models and equivalents. All cartridges have a direct contact chip located on the toner unit. The chip detects Toner Low and an optical sensor is used to make a pixel-count approximation of Toner Out. Lexmark, Dell and IBM models are physically identical and are interchangeable between OEMs when the proper chip is installed on the cartridge. Incompatibilities are due solely to chip differences.
Unisys UDS 423
UDS 423
OEM Yield
81-0423-103 for Unisys UDS 423, No Return
81-0423-202 Drum Unit for Unisys UDS 423
Universal Replacement Chip for use in Various Lexmark Cartridges
Replacement Chip for use in Lexmark X342 and Related (6k)

Odyssey Replacement Toner for use in Lexmark MX Series & Related 10kg
Odyssey Replacement Toner for use in Lexmark MX Series & Related 1kg
Odyssey2 Replacement Toner for use in Lexmark MX Series & Related 10kg
Odyssey2 Replacement Toner for use in Lexmark MX Series & Related 1kg

Odyssey Drum for Lexmark E230/E330/E340, X302/X340 & Related Drum Units

Cartridge Bags
Foil Bag (8.5” x 18”)
ZipTop Foil Bag (10" x 18") for the HP 2430 (11A)
ZipTop Foil Bag (8.5” x 18”)

Doctor Bar
Replacement Doctor Bar for use in Lexmark Cartridges

Developer Roller
Replacement Universal Developer Roller for use in Lexmark Engines

Inflatable Bag
240mm x 450mm Black Inflatable Airbag Cartridge Packaging

Conductive Cartridge Lubricant
Cartridge Sealant/Lubricant
Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth
Cotton Tipped Swab, 6"
Toner Cloths
Toner Pour Spout w/.09 Opening

Universal Cartridge Box Specifically Sized to Match the BAG240450 Black Inflatable Airbag Cartridge Packaging
Lexmark E230/232/330/332 cartridge box
Universal, Printable & Customizable Cartridge Box Label

Wiper Blade
Replacement Wiper Blade for use in Lexmark E332

Monochrome Laser Printer
Unisys UDS 423 Mono Laser Printer
UDS 423
Intro Price
544.00 USD
Release Date
01 Jul 2004
Sub Type
Laser Printer
Color FPOT
Color PPM
Mono PPM
Duty Cycle
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